Functional Test

Ikon Test Solutions provide integrated custom engineered functional testing solutions for in-circuit test applications. Our functional test solutions range from simple checks to complex assessments and are designed to meet your individual needs.

Functional testing not only confirms device functionality but also ensures that the application is performing at its optimum level. Additional software and hardware can also be integrated to in-circuit test fixtures to assist with functional testing. This is determined by what resources are available in the in-circuit tester and on your individual requirements.

Ikon Test Solutions can provide complete standalone solutions that are not part of in-circuit test to meet your individual needs. We also provide fully integrated board handling solutions to allow functional testing and on-board programming. Increased efficiency and throughput using this type of solution increases capital utilisation and provides effective cost reduction.   

Ikon Test Solutions Provide:

  • Functional Test Consultation
  • Complete Bespoke Functional Software / Hardware Solutions
  • Design and Supply of Functional Test Fixtures
  • Fully Integrated Board Handling Solutions for both Functional and Onboard Programming.

Software applications that can be provided include test solutions designed using Lab Windows CVI, Labview, .NET, Teststand and Database Logging.

To explore the possibilities and discover the numerous benefits of integrating functional testing in to your in-circuit test application, or for separate standalone bespoke solutions contact Ikon Test Solutions.



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