DFT Design for Test

Ikon Test Solutions have developed specialist in-house software which enables us to generate accurate testability reports that gauge the effectiveness of testing your design. A PCOLA (Component Coverage) - SOQ (Pin Coverage) formatted report is prepared for your circuit board at the test solution quotation stage, providing you with an accurate estimate of the expected test coverage.

DFT (Design for Testability) reviews ensure any test issues are highlighted in the early stages of design development so that any modifications can be made to improve test coverage. A clear understanding of the testability of a design is important in defining the best and most cost effective test solution to meet your individual needs. Maximising use and achieving the correct balance of automatic optical inspection (AOI), automatic X-ray inspection (AXI), in-circuit test (ICT) and boundary scan (JTAG) also ensures an economical and high quality product is produced.

Ikon Test Solutions believe in working with Design Engineers to help implement test guidelines without compromising the design. With extensive knowledge and expertise in test development and manufacturing Ikon Test Solutions are able to provide factual and tangible feedback. We also utilise non-standard test techniques to improve test coverage in programmes and fixtures when it is not possible to use traditional test techniques. This ensures that the most effective test coverage is always achieved.

If you require advice on a new design, or you wish to improve an existing design, contact Ikon Test Solutions as we can help.




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