PCOLA - SOQ Manufacturing Test Effectiveness

The objective of test in manufacturing is to ensure that there are no defects on PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) being produced. This means that the correct, working and properly orientated components are fitted in their precise positions. Electrical connectivity must be correct without opens / shorts with reliable solder connections.

There are many ways to measure manufacturing test effectiveness. Ikon Test Solutions use the comprehensive PCOLA - SOQ method to estimate the manufacturing test effectiveness of the solution provided at quotation stage. This ensures that the customer fully understands the effectiveness of the solution being provided. Ikon Test Solutions strive to ensure that the final test effectiveness meets or exceeds what has been defined at quotation stage. Coverage reports for the final solution are also provided using the software tools available on the target tester platform.    

PCOLA - SOQ allows both component and pin coverage to be defined for a printed circuit board. Below is a summary of what PCOLA - SOQ stands for:

Component Coverage PCOLA (Presence, Correctness, Orientation, Live, Alignment)

  • Presence (The Component is Present)
  • Correctness (It is the Correct Component)
  • Orientation (If the Component is Polarised, it is not Rotated)
  • Live (The Component is Basically Alive - Note this is not a Full Functional Qualification)
  • Alignment (The Component is Properly Centred, Free of Skews or Small Rotations)

PIN Coverage SOQ (Shorts, Opens, Quality)

  • Shorts (Unwanted Continuity to other Nearby Connection Points)
  • Opens (Lack of Continuity Between Component and the Intended Board Connection)
  • Quality (Free of Malformation, Excess or Inadequate Solder, Cold Solder Voids, etc.)

PCOLA - SOQ is a comprehensive and thorough method of analysing effectiveness of a manufacturing test. It allows test strategy to be developed that can include complementary test techniques such as AOI / AXI to maximise overall effective coverage. Ikon Test Solutions can provide a PCOLA - SOQ report for your project as well as DFT (Design For Test) feedback to ensure maximum effective coverage.

If you want to measure and maximise the effectiveness of your test solution in manufacturing at quotation stage contact Ikon Test Solutions.


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