Takaya Flying Probe Test Solutions

As part of our flying probe test services we offer a "Test and Ticket" service for customers where we provide, on Ikon premises, an efficient and cost effective way to test boards. With three Takaya flying probe testers onsite we are well positioned to provide fast, flexible and professional flying probe test services to suit your individual needs.

Flying probe testing is a popular and cost effective solution for manufacturers working with small batch sizes or circuit boards with no traditional test access. Ikon Test Solutions therefore provide a specialist turnkey service which enables cards to be tested to detect and eliminate common electronic manufacturing defects without the need for dedicated test fixturing. At the initial prototyping stage it is important to ensure no manufacturing defects are present to allow the functional development of the prototype to take place quickly and efficiently.

The Takaya flying probe tester used by Ikon Test Solutions does not require test points and therefore gains test access by probing on the edge of surface mount pads on a populated circuit board, meaning it can be used to test early prototype cards with no test points available. We can provide a full turnkey solution or a generated programme only. If you have a batch of cards which have no in-circuit test we can provide a facility which offers a quick and effective test solution.

Ikon Test Solutions have extensive experience in successfully generating and debugging Takaya flying probe test programmes. We provide optimised structured test programmes with no unnecessary test steps, enabling you to debug programmes quickly and effectively.

Using our own in-house developed software enables us to generate and provide you with testability reports that gauge how effective our testing systems are. Additionally, so that you have an expected test coverage for any planned solution a PCOLA (Component Coverage) - SOQ (Pin Coverage) formatted and detailed report is provided for your circuit board at the quotation stage.

Furthermore, we also provide onsite support and training.

Ikon Test Solutions Provide:

  • CAD Review and CAD Data Processing
  • Programme Generation and Debug
  • Programme Generation Only
  • Batch Testing Of Circuit Boards

To discuss your individual requirements contact Ikon Test Solutions.


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